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It has been a busy year.

I have had loads of stuff to do regaring the new firm i have started.
Datorreparation UmeƄ (Computer Repair Service).

It will be a small business run from my own home with no other then me working.
So there will be little to no overhead therefore i can offer the lowest prices around.

Anyway, the future looks bright and i hope that it will work out just fine.


Moving Day is Approaching!

2016-10-23 10:06:23 by MusicWizard

It's almost time now.
I have signed the new contract for the apartment and begun to pack my things.

But one thing is for sure, you never know how much stuff you got until it's time to move.
Time to throw some of them away, need to make up my mind what to keep and what to give up.

Anyway, it will be very exciting to move to an better apartment and get closer to everything.
Moving Day is Approaching!

A new year has begun!

2016-01-25 05:40:35 by MusicWizard

A new year has begun and with it some new things to do as well.

First of i am currently working on a BIG Rpg Maker Vx Ace project and some more to go on with later when me and my friend are finished with this one. I can't really say much about the project thus far but i will announce it here when it's finished and we are about to release it on Steam and other game-markets.

But i can give you a short-preview about what to come.

The game will be an classic Japanese Realtime Action Battle System bases game, like Secret of Mana, Zelda, etc.
You will be swinging your weapon in realtime to defeat your enemies, pick up useful items needed for the journey.

The game is an HARDCORE RETRO RPG game which is not meant for novice players and them with aggrevation problems. The game will have several difficulty-settings but easy setting will be hard enough, but if you got balls or nipples made of hard and heavy iron you may want to try them other out too, but you have been warned. ;)

The game short-description:
You will be wandering around in a pitch black dungeon with a lantern as your only poprtable lightsource amonst a few torches on the walls to shread some light on your path slaying enemies and searching for loot to equip yourself for even harder encounters ahead. But be careful, you never know what lurks around the corner.

More details will be as i mentioned before announced later on.

Second off is some good music for you guys.
I do continue to compose some music to clear my mind from time to time.
It can be quite distressful to develope a game and it's music, sound effects and scrips.

So keep out for some ol' goodies you may recognize from before ;)


I am sorry for my bad Swenglish!

Take care now. and catch you later!