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New GPU again.

3/7/13 by MusicWizard
Updated 3/7/13

It as been a while since i upgraded my computer.
Now i have bought a new GPU again. This time i got myself a "Gigabyte Geforce GTX 670 OC".
I have been using this card for lika a month now to check it out and i can't complain about it

It's fast, i can run any game with maximal settings in 1080p, as long it's not Crysis 3 of course.
I know no computer today that could get top FPS in that game with maximal settings in 1080p.
Maybe with the new Titan card in 3 x SLI it might but who will spend that kind a money for just one game?
I know i would not do that even if i am a "super-tech-geek" who loves my toys.

Anyway, if you are about to get yourself a new GPU, this is what you need today, maybe not tomorrow, but that's another day to worry about later.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your life.

New GPU again.


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